Cigeret Foil With Laminated Paper

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The cigarette aluminum foil paper is of great importance in cigarette packaging. The quality of aluminum foil paper will not only influence the sealing effect of cigarette paper, but also impact the machine run-ability. Traditionally, the cigarette aluminum foil is made by lamination of foil and backing paper. Nowadays, more and more cigarette factories choose metalized or transferred aluminum foil paper instead of laminated aluminum foil paper. The metalized and transferred aluminum foil papers are much easier for degradation.

In recently years, along with the progress of modern logistic system, the cigarettes could be delivered to the consumers in much shorter time. In this circumstance, some factories replace the aluminum foil paper by the pure paper inner line. With a special coating on the top, the paper inner line could function properly in relatively shorter period of time. While being 100% degradable, the paper inner line is also a cost-effective product.

Bright Packaging is capable of supplying more than 300 tons of cigarette aluminum paper and 200 tons of paper inner liner each month. Customized designs with tailored specifications are welcomed.