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Introducing AluPak Industries (API) synonymous with tracing the history of Aluminum Products in Pakistan. Putting some light on history of the API company the journey to the remarkable achievement and the success of establishment is the result of combined efforts of the 2 dynamic generations of the family. API Proud to announce their product range it start from house hold, kitchen foil as well as for the commercial use. API Product Range: Aluminum foil/ Sheet for,

  1. AA foil- Kitchen Foil
  2. Pharmaceutical (Blister/Strip packaging, alu alu and pouches)
  3. Tobacco Industry
  4. Tea Food, Confectionery & Spices.
  5. Telephone wire & Cables
  6. Aluminum disposable Utensils and kitchen foil for take away’s, restaurant and airlines
  7. Lids for eatables
  8. Air conditioner, refrigerator and deep freezers.
  9. Packaging for Toothpaste and skincare products.
  10. Silver and gold plain and embossed paper backed foil for decoration and other packaging.
  11. Standing pouching 3 sides sealing and Triplex film pouches, Restorable bus printing.
  12. Solvent less lamination process, dry lamination and wet lamination process from film to film, film tofoil, foil to paper, pet to foil and other combinations.

We feel pleasure to inform you that we are also in to manufacturing of aluminum foil for converting it in to a range of specialized flexible packaging material . The aluminum products have been supply to countries to reputed multinational and national organizations such as Tea,Tobacco, Pharmaceutical, Confectionery biscuits and vegetable oil ,wire and cable, dairy products, air condition in airlines etc.


(Alupak industries)

AluPak Industries (API) is having a vision on improving itself in the market. API is a market leader in the down stream range of standard and specialty of aluminum products in Pakistan. It is well equipped of rolling, thickens roll of thinnest of aluminium foil. We proud to announce API is so well equipped with high quality of rolling, converting and printing. API has established its presence almost in every packing with the help of vast experience and high professional management and technical skills professional engaged in the administration, marketing , production and quality control. API is fully equipped with the best lab quality to maintain highest quality in the market.
Like the mighty K-2 Nanga Parbat and himalayas we are not satisfied with the impressive heights of quality standard we have achieved, we are constantly endeavoring to reached new heights it is this commitment to quality to every one concern, and finally the certification of our organization.

Director’s Message


“Thank you for visiting AluPak website. Alupak is the nation’s only company specialized in comprehensive packaging materials producing Aluminium foil, flexible packaging film materials , Alupak was born in early 2012. Under the slogan a lead in Pakistan, we have been stepping up our global competitiveness through proactive investment in research and development, development of distinguished new items, and actively pursing overseas businesses. Furthermore, on the basis of the basic principles of “customer-oriented, creativity, cooperation, responsibility, and passion”, we will strive to be Asia’s leading global company by actively expanding into world markets. We will dedicate to pursuing customer’s affluent lives and happiness by always thinking about our customers and providing the products and services that are loved and trusted by them. Please do look forward to AluPak Industries (API) ALUMINIUM’s new challenge of making a beautiful future.
Thank you.”


The aluminum products have been supplied to countries to reputed multinational and national organizations such as Tea, Tobacco, Pharmaceutical, Confectionery biscuits and vegetable oil, wire and cable, dairy products, air condition in airlines, etc.

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